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Lavezzi substitute icing on the cake. Paris, 5-6 the first 11 rounds unbeaten, still ranked second in the standings with 21 points, at a game of situations, temporarily narrowed to 4 points with Marseille. Both in the historical confrontation 93 times, 80 of them for the League, Paris 26 WINS, 20 draws and 34 defeats underdog, scored 86-ball 106 goals, at home 40 deep Ligue match, Paris 18 WINS, 11 draws and 11 defeats, lost scored 57 goals in 40 games.  nike air max 90 dam nike air max 90 rea Last 8 meetings of the two teams, Paris 5-3 undefeated, with nearly 5 WINS, including last season in France 4 Super Cup and French League and cup double homicide. This service, two pillars Paris striker edinson CAVANI and Ibrahimovic were both absent. The first 10 rounds, two teams with 18 points, and Paris goal in 2nd and 3rd Bordeaux, leader Marseille 7 points behind. The first 5 minutes, Virathit front right diagonal, matuyidi flying Rob shot to the left of the area, were behind the Bordeaux Defender leaned down with his body, but the referee said no. First 15 minutes, both teams didn't have much better opportunities, but Paris advantage is obvious.


From the vamps overall the colors we can see that this is a pair of Cleveland Cavaliers home color scheme, but it is understood that this pair of shoes will not be released this year. JordanBrand SlamDunk Slamdunk hand in hand to build this super popular JordanxSlamDunk series of Group products, except with a cherry wood flower number 10th number matching dress, red shoes with 3M reflective pattern AirJordan6SlamDunk is captured the attention of many slam dunk fans. Jordan led the Hornets again NBA game this season, and this has been exposed for a long time AirJordan11GSHornets the Hornets color  nike air max tn sverige nike air max skyline dam  shoes are also popular. Especially designed for the female sneakerheads to create, using the water green purple shoe ornament detail, the overall effect is quite impressive. MLB stars, and sneakerheads ShaneVictorino recently received a specially customized for its pure sail-white by RelevantCustoms AirYeezy2. Leather matching ostrich skin shoe selection serpentine body mass, selected sail white highlight the great texture of the material itself, coupled with a white lining.



These extreme actions by other fans of the Real Madrid fans in the eye, especially the Barca fans, sports of the world, Catalan Association of persons with disabilities has now appealed to the League Disciplinary Committee, the National Sports Council, must investigate Messi, Alves, Barcelona at the Bernabeu to be insulted. However, the sport of the world also pointed out that referee on duty Manzano's report did not mention the incident after the game, therefore, Real Madrid if the penalty is hard to say. Real Madrid extreme fans attacked Messi is in fact common thing, but Messi was Barca fans taunt is relatively rare. After the nike air max 2013 herr    match, defeated Barca does not stay in Madrid, the whole team, they quickly boarded buses and left the field, when the Barcelona team returned to Barcelona after all does not dissolve, but directly to Gamper sports complex. Many disgruntled defeat BarcelonaFans are already waiting in the Gamper sports city, when he saw all the Princes descended from the bus one by one, especially after Messi appeared, one of Barcelona's fans shouted at Macy's, hey. Messi. 

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