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In Dortmund, who said before the start of the season will be fighting to avoid relegation, I am afraid that no one will believe, now Dortmund League 4th from bottom, only 1 more point than Hamburg, 3rd, 3 points more than bottom Werder Bremen only. Next match Dortmund have to demean, first trying to get myself out of the relegation zone. Real Madrid 3-1 win over Barcelona, Derby in the first round in a landslide victory. Barcelona houses the League this season without conceding a record, the pique-led defensive line performed poorly in the race. In contrast, Real Madrid's defenders lead the attack defense did well on both ends, became the key to winning the. Pepe played today can best embody the defenders into the nike zoom structure 16 review nike lunarglide 5 ireland  attack or defensive back of the Almighty State. Although Real Madrid's first goal conceded he, he scored but the goal is for the go-ahead score. Pepe made hands open fingers celebrations after a goal, seems to suggest that ten trophies come to worship here, in Barcelona, the make this action, meaning great humiliation to Barcelona. Peake had stretched out fingers after Barca beat Real Madrid 5-0 celebrate, performer of the Portugal centre-back gave a stronger response. Apart from the first ball on defense, Pepe and Sergio Ramos combination in this field then no major mistakes. Barcelona-field shots at up to 16 times, scoring 1, Casillas dissolve 3 times.

Shanghai qualifying through historical flavor to the classic red. Shoes are made of high quality leather, uppers sewing performance through different routes out of exclusive city map textures, dot marked the Nike Store locations of the city. In addition, NikeBenassiSlides slippers and Nike urban series ball cap will release with this series AirForce1, landed on October 23. To introduce earlier versions by Germany collaborations between well-known shops TheGoodWillOut collaborated with ascis shoes, on sale at designated shops all  womens nike free trainer 7.0 nike free 4.0 v3 mens over the world this weekend. Designer Red Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant design source, the Red paving the whole shoe, choose yellow and green decorated. Shoe has a rich flavor of autumn as a whole, material formed complementary selection of suede and leather, shoe overall texture is also prominent. Favorite friends weekend don't miss it.

Both teams 10 meetings of the last 5 games and 6-4 Juventus unbeaten last season, Juventus home win with 2-0 and 1-0 respectively, double plays Genoa. Genoa beat Juventus last time is 2008-2009 the 31st round of the season, when the score was 3-2, when Ewing played for the players in the squad only Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini and Claudio Marchisio. 36 year old Gigi will usher in his Juventus career No. 500 at Ferraris Stadium games, who has 499  nike free 3.0 v3 for sale   games include 361 serie a, 76-champions, 37 games in Serie b, 12 Italy cups, 9 matches Champions League or its predecessor, the UEFA Cup and 4 Italy Super Cup, with a total record of 296-129-74. Currently, Gianluigi Buffon in Juve's history ranked 4th in the list of appearances, behind Alessandro del Piero 70 xileia 552 and Giuseppe Furino 528. This season, Buffon played for Juve's first 11 games, including 7 clean sheets. Watch er, Matt from the old master. 

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