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Only has Sanchez of State and energy seems to has been keep full grid, this field guest light Stadium 2-0 beat Sunderland, is Chile people in joined gunmen Hou first single field game scored twice, by a himself of force will team from rounds be of downturn atmosphere in the drag out, this season premier he has scored 5 ball assists 2 times, close participation has in he nike free trainer 5.0 schuhe nike free haven 3.0 herren appearances Shi team total scored of 60%. Sanchez is in great form in the near future, the last Premier League he scored an assist, to avoid a home defeat by Hull City upset arsenal. Week Central Crown although not directly scoring former Barcelona winger, but Lukas Podolski scored the winning goal was his break-through and cross caused confusion in front. The field at the end of Arsenal's inability to break the deadlock, and Sanchez to come forward to solve the problem. Arsenal although the absolute dominant first half, but Sunderland's defence under pressure without confusion, visiting team shooting have failed many times. Until positive forward Sanchez steals from Wes Brown feet after the ball is cut down.


By Chen in charge of fashion brand CLOT is celebrating its ten-year anniversary birthday, to celebrate this important moment, always have a deep cooperation between the NikeSportswear will also present them with a special LunarForce1 anniversary. Outflow shoes Zhang Diezhao has in the network a few days ago, dominated by beige tone shoes whole, to CLOTLogo nike free 3.0 v2 damen with the number 1 followed by a unique combination of component 10 modelling, to highlight the anniversary theme. New real photo NikeBlazerHixMoWaxxU.N.K.L.E exposure, dark color of shoes are made of leather, suede and fabric to match production, upper Indian Atomic logo, Crystal shoes are MoWaxlogo, with orange leather lining and white outsole. Photos of physical samples, classic bulls-red color scheme's upcoming AirJordan1Mid shoes.


Barcelona at the Bernabeu to be insulted. However, the sport of the world also pointed out that referee on duty Manzano's report did not mention the incident after the game, therefore, Real Madrid if the penalty is hard to say. Real Madrid extreme fans attacked Messi is in fact common thing, but Messi was Barca fans taunt is relatively rare. After the match, defeated Barca does not stay in Madrid, the whole team, they quickly boarded buses and left the field, nike free 5.0 v4 damen nike free 4.0 v3 herren schwarz when the Barcelona team returned to Barcelona after all does not dissolve, but directly to Gamper sports complex. Many disgruntled defeat BarcelonaFans are already waiting in the Gamper sports city, when he saw all the Princes descended from the bus one by one, especially after Messi appeared, one of Barcelona's fans shouted at Macy's, hey. Messi. You haven't done anything in the game. The implication depends on is that Macy's was no more lazy goods. However, not all Barca fans were mocking the team, as others shouted, never hung his head, you've got to pull yourself together.

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