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Ronaldo broke Zhiji, cloth pulled Wo continuous zero seal time terminated Yu 754 minutes, if is Shang he Shang season effectiveness Real Sociedad Shi late round has 22 minutes of zero seal, cloth pulled Wo across season zero seal time will reached has 776 minutes, this a data enough to ranking La Liga history is ranking fourth bit, if only is he joined Barcelona Hou of data, 754 minutes zero seal also is team history second. Clean sheets in a row in the history of La Liga season was created by former Atletico menshenabeier-Reisino he had 1274 0  nike barkley posite max for sale  fumbles in a row in the League, ranked second, was a former basamenshenmigeer-Pepe, Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina's father, his 824 minutes for clean sheets in a row, while the old Reina also was the longest clean sheets in the history of Barcelona's goalkeeper. Ranked third was Edgar, he has had 791 minutes of clean sheets. No Bravo can further refresh the record of clean sheets in the remaining game time again lost two balls, but objectively speaking, Barca lost 3 goals today has no direct relationship with him, Ronaldo scored with a penalty kick, Pepe's close range header full strength, Karim Benzema is a single shot hits. For the Bravo show, sport of the world after the game and were given an impartial evaluation of the daily sports newspaper, sin is not to lose him. Arsenal's recent poor form.

He is drying out in advance and said he was very keen on a classic Tan AirForce1Mid production again last, which is this pair of shoes again since the 2001 debut, tones, suede shoes pure wheat mix crepe outsole, the overall style is very handsome. Aldridge will be installed at JordanBrand seemed to be a done deal, in today's pioneers in the preseason against Denver,  cheap nike kd 5 for sale nike lebron 11 discount  Adriano had put on a classic AirJordan11Bred color, very fit with the Blazers away kit. RosheRun fires in the past two years makes Nike spare no efforts in a wide variety of programs for its new version this year, Nike will once again proud of Flyknit technology combined with, the introduction of a new FlyknitRosheRun. This time through all black sneakers hot East wind, Nike once again came out with this TripleBlack the color scheme for the reform models, and overall cool.

According to the sports daily the latest news in the world, due to the Bernabeu during the game some real Madrid fans insulted the Barcelona players such as Messi, Alves, Real Madrid is likely to be punished. Strange is that Lionel Messi were feuding during the game fans not only abusive, he was mocked by Barcelona fans after the game. Real Madrid and Barcelona a decisive battle of the Bernabeu amid constantly part of the Real Madrid faithful in the stands shouted insults Messi, Messi is shorter than normal, and his club is a complete idiot.  adidas rose 773 2 for sale cheap nike foamposites In addition, Macy's good buddy Daniel Alves also suffered racist attacks as long as Alves near the sideline, some real Madrid fans will imitate the movements of a monkey, but these people have not rushed threw bananas. These extreme actions by other fans of the Real Madrid fans in the eye, especially the Barca fans, sports of the world, Catalan Association of persons with disabilities has now appealed to the League Disciplinary Committee, the National Sports Council, must investigate Messi, Alves.

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